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  • Toenail Removal Surgery
  • Corns, Blisters, Hard Skin Treatment
  • Verrucae Treatment
  • Ingrown toenails / Nail cutting / Fungal Nail Infection Treatment
  • Diabetic Foot Care Advice
  • Advice on footwear and many other conditions


Coxhoe Chiropody – Adam Wellwood – Chiropodist / Podiatrist

At Coxhoe Chiropody Clinic or through my home visiting service, I can offer advice and treat numerous conditions associated with the feet, including cracked skin, cracked heels, dry skin, calluses, hard skin, bunions, ingrown toenails, heel pain, fallen arches, (flat feet) athletes foot, corns, fungal infections, verruca and more.

Scroll down to read more about some of the foot – related conditions that I can help with or to arrange an appointment, please ring Adam at 0191 377 8481 / 07989 388 910 or refer to my contact page.

Toenail Removal Surgery at Coxhoe Chiropody

When certain conditions of the foot become severe, you may be recommended or advised to undergo toenail removal surgery. Conditions that benefit from toenail removal surgery include ingrown toenails, infected toenails, deformed toenails, thick toenails and painful toenails. Read more information about Coxhoe Chiropody’s Toenail Removal Surgery Service on the “Ingrown Toenail Removal Surgery” page.

Corns, blisters and hard skin reduction treatment

Thick hard skin can sometimes develop on areas of the foot where our feet are exposed to friction or pressure. This can lead to pain and discomfort when walking. Usually this tends to happen if we are on our feet for long periods of a time, more so if our feet are bony, as there can be a natural lack of cushioning. Sometimes calluses, blisters and corns can also occur through wearing certain types of footwear which may not be suitable for our feet.

Calluses can occur as larger areas of hard, discoloured areas of skin of our feet, usually developing at pressure points on our feet, such as at the heel or the ball.

Corns on the other hand are more defined than calluses and usually develop on the tops and sides or our toes or on the soles of our feet. They can be identified as small circles of thick skin and are commonly symptomatic of another foot problem such as a bunion – where the bone swells at the base of the big toe, or through hammer toe – where the toe is bent at the middle joint.

If left untreated, corns can become worse and more painful. As corns can often be a symptom of an underlying and more serious problem it is important to try to find out what is causing them to develop on your feet. Coxhoe Chiropody can help with identifying and treating a problem, thus helping to relieve your discomfort and offering further advice on how to prevent corns and hard skin from occurring in the future.

Verrucae Treatment

Verrucae are a contagious viral wart infection which can occur on the soles our feet. They can sometimes be found across areas of hard skin, with a serious of small black spots. If you think you might have a verruca, try not to touch or scratch the affected area as this may cause the virus to spread elsewhere.

In adulthood it can be very difficult to get rid of Verrucae and it has been known for problems to persist for years at a time! Coxhoe Chiropody can help with verrucae treatment and offer advice.

Ingrown toenails / Nail cutting / Fungal Nail Infection treatment

Nails can often be the cause or pain and discomfort to our feet. Problems with toenails have been known to develop through not being clipped or cut properly, wearing footwear which is too tight, excessive sweating, injury or infection.

Teenagers tend to be vulnerable to ingrown toenails through sweat which softens the nail, and causes it to split.
As we get older, our nails get naturally more thicker and can become difficult to cut and maintain ourselves. Ingrown toenails occur when the sides of the toenail grow into the skin or the toes, curling and piercing it which then causes the skin to become red, swollen and tender and usually very painful to walk on. Prevention of foot and nail problems can be helped through practising good foot hygiene, washing regularly with soap and water and keeping your feet dry. It is also important to wear footwear which fits properly and supports the foot, especially if you are on your feet alot. Problems with nails should never be left untreated and will worsen over time, becoming extremely painful and infected. At Coxhoe Chiropody, I can help with cutting nails and will recommend treatment depending on the severity of your nail and foot condition.

Diabetic Foot Care Advice

Persistently high glucose levels can lead to nerve damage which can cause a person to experience a loss of sensation in the feet and legs. Failure to sense pain in this way means that it would be easy for a person to develop a cut or a blister without even realising it. Poor circulation makes the healing process more difficult and if small cuts on your feet or legs go unnoticed for long periods of time, they may become infected and ulcerated which – if severe enough – could lead to the loss of a lower limb.

Coxhoe Podiatry

Coxhoe Podiatry

The NHS have reported that every year in England, around 6,000 people lose toes, feet or legs as a result of Diabetes. Therefore, if you are diabetic it is extremely important to check and monitor your feet and legs on a regular basis. It is also essential to visit a chiropodist annually and have your feet checked and monitored by a professional. At Coxhoe Chiropody, I can examine and monitor your feet and offer Diabetic foot care advice.

Advice on footwear and many other conditions

At Coxhoe Chiropody, I can offer you professional advice on footwear, support insoles and many other products available which can help alleviate pain and prevent any further foot related problems from occurring. Chiropody sessions start at £19 – £25, or you can Contact Coxhoe Chiropody for a quote or to arrange an appointment.